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Presenting on innovation process in London

me as a researcher

I am a researcher because I am obsessed with reconciling "how things work" with "how people are."

I enjoy working with curious teammates who approach product development as a process of learning and experimentation.

My mission as a researcher is to help teams think systematically about assumptions & evidence so we can leverage research investments wisely to mitigate risk in the innovation process.

With years of scientific training, I am a mixed-methods generalist who is passionate about the interplay between qualitative and quantitative evidence at all stages of product development.


As an academic, I studied how learning, innovation, and impact happen in organizations. I now write about these topics at Organizing Logic on Substack.

Me as a person

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, living in California, and learning new things.

My wife and I have 2 cats and moved back to the Bay Area in 2021 to be near our families after 7 years in Chicago.

As a devoted Californian, I enjoy cooking, hiking, gardening, sailing, snowboarding, and wine.

I created zoomflowers.org in 2021 to create a bit of joy for remote teams during the pandemic.

When I'm learning for fun, I'm usually drawn to topics in research & statistics, technology, government, and business.

PSA to academics / grad students

I speak regularly with grad students & academics looking to make the jump to industry. If you're curious, I am always happy to share my experiences!

I found the transition to industry challenging but extremely rewarding. Compared with my career options in academia, industry has made it far easier to live near family, sustain a dual-career household, have financial security, get funding for research, and do collaborative work with decision makers.

Contrary to popular myths, I have roughly the same freedom to choose my own projects and explore conceptual issues. I also believe I am becoming a more effective scientist by learning to influence decisions inside business organizations.