Influencing product bets

Advocating for agile research

Coaching innovation teams

At Peloton, I've socialized the growth loops framework to help us define strategy & scope relevant research. This led to C-suite sponsorship of a new product initiative.

I enjoy exploring ways to reduce waste & increase the impact of research, such as Agile User Research (write-up coming soon!).

I've published academic research [1, 2] on challenges faced by junior innovation teams and helped develop coaching tools that promote hypothesis testing and iteration.

For students & academics

I speak regularly with grad students & academics looking to make the jump to industry. If you're curious, I am always happy to share my experiences!

I found the transition to industry challenging but extremely rewarding. Compared with my career options in academia, industry has made it far easier to live near family, sustain a dual-career household, have financial security, get funding for research, and do collaborative work with decision makers.

Contrary to popular myths, I have roughly the same freedom to choose my own projects and explore conceptual issues. I also believe I am becoming a more effective scientist by learning to influence decisions inside business organizations.